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Branding in Hospitality Industry

In today's modern world, it is not enough to battle in the hospitality industry with just a property. The common thing hoteliers often forget, prior their operations, is creating a brand.

Branding is an idea or image marketed and is recognisable by more and more people, identified with a certain service or product when there are many other companies offering the same service or product. Branding is an important part of any business, it allows companies to build their reputation and expand product and service.

Having a brand will also help you gain more market share, get higher return on investment, and build customer loyalty. For example, if you were an investor, you would prefer to invest in a business that you know is well thought-of. Having a brand means that a product has a good foundation and story. Because the truth is, everyone enjoys a good story. Or if you’re a guest, seeing a strong brand makes you more at ease. The brand acts as additional credibility. It makes you think that the product or property has taken the time to make an effort to present a cohesive message.

This way, brands save effort, time, and help guests’ decision making. It may touch emotions, because it helps guests project a social image and attitude.

Building a good brand affects your team and their service. A well-defined and implemented brand will help employees understand how to approach their jobs. In the hospitality industry, our front operations team personally interacts with our guests. They are a significant touchpoint and has one of the biggest impacts in the guest experience. If there is no connection between job performance and brand, this may result in loss of opportunities, such as turning a first time guest into a regular. This makes it important for us to make brand ambassadors out of each person in our team.

It's easy to imitate services as opposed to manufactured goods, branding becomes an even more important tool in the hospitality industry.

Creating a brand is different from executing a brand properly. It goes beyond having a logo and a name. A well executed brand is necessary to reach your target market in the first place.

In executing a brand, you must define and maximize all your channels. Remember one of our goals in the traveller’s journey, be beautiful! And to be beautiful, your channels must project a unified message aligned with your brand. From fonts, logo, to color palette, one must adhere to these set rules by heart. The market today is hyper-competitive. Fight your way through using your well thought-of brand.

Good service is mainstream in the industry, what makes yours different?


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