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Cheapest Advertisement for your Hotel

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”

– Warren Buffet

All operational efforts are put to waste when a hotel’s reputation has already been scarred. According to Forbes Magazine, Word of Mouth Marketing is the most important social media. It’s because people know that a brand will always make promises and appeal itself to the market as relatively attractive and tempting. People have this intuition of the truth, and that they will get it from those who have experienced it firsthand.

That is why in making travel plans, for Filipinos, word of mouth goes a long way. Filipinos tend to greatly consider the experiences of their friends, family, or even just a Facebook friend. They spend an amount of time scrolling through hotel reviews and are skilled enough to identify an authentic review from a paid promotion.

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Why work on a strong and positive reputation?

A damaged reputation automatically leads to a decrease in bookings, which leads to a decrease in revenue. According to a research done in 2018, 91% of people read online views whether it’s on a regular or occasional basis and 84% of which, trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. (Source:

This shows how people always consider real life experiences of guests with the property compared to the publicity materials the brand releases.

Just imagine if most of your market belonged to the 91% of people and all they see in reviews about experiences with you are negative ones, it’s a sure loss.

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However, one must take note that whatever solution you commit to do in your response has to be done. Don’t make too many promises you know your hotel couldn’t live up to. It’s just proper to let the guests know that you have heard their voice.

Is it worth the cost to invest in somebody who will handle your hotel reviews?

Since it is the hotel’s top priority to give guests an excellent hotel stay experience, the first thing they need is to have guests actually stay with them. With all the bustling operational work of the front and back offices, it’s best to have somebody actually answer review responses for you.

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It’s more than responding to the reviews; in a larger picture, they are handling the hotel’s reputation or their image. They have to assure that the hotel’s identity is similar to how the guests perceive it. Else, it leads to an inconsistent message.

To sum it all up, if you’re spending so much money on publicity materials, advertisements, promotions, make sure to pair it up with a well-handled reputation. There is a great difference between your hotel’s image and your identity. Which one affects the consumer’s behavior?

One of the best ways in advertising your hotel, whether you’re an uprising brand or already an established one, is through strengthening your reputation and making sure that the word about you that people pass all around is the kind of advertisement that could boost up your brand.

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