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Increase Efficiency Through Automation

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Hotel distribution started in the 70s and through all the developments in the industry, 3 hotel systems are made and utilized, namely, property management systems, channel manager and booking engine.

In building your hotel, you need tools that will help you manage your property.Through the years, hotel distribution has changed drastically, brought about by digitalization. Sales in the hospitality industry used to be very manual and often handled traditionally through offline agents. Since the speedy emergence of digitalization, having all three systems is necessary even for starting independent properties, better if made automated with the help of Cloudbeds.

Let us go through each system to determine its individual strengths that will help you manage your property:

Property Management System (PMS)

Property management systems mirror the actual operations happening on site. The goal is for your team not to be dependent on each other and be able to work simultaneously and efficiently by referring to a single system that clearly shows the activities for the day. There are a lot of available systems in the market but, more often than not, it’s too complicated to be understood by everyone in the team. Cloudbeds offers a property management system that is presented in the most simple way. Its reservations are presented through a calendar which makes its interface user-friendly.

Channel Manager System (CMS)

After logging all reservations in the PMS dashboard, your availability will be sent to the Channel Manager System. The Channel Manager is responsible in selling your available rooms to the booking engine on your website and all connected online travel agencies. Gone are the days of manually splitting your availability and distributing them to different online travel agencies because there are better solutions in the market that is founded by technology and automation.

When connected seamlessly, the channel manager automatically pulls out the availability from the PMS and sends the rates across all channels. Even while you’re sleeping, your rooms will keep on selling.

Booking Engine (BE)

All hoteliers dream of the day that all their property’s reservations are booked directly. Guess what, you can start working on it now through your very own booking engine. Booking engines enables your potential guests to book direct without having to go to a 3rd party seller also known as online travel agencies. Direct booking means no commission, resulting in higher revenue. Their booking engine has a sleek design and additional features such as promo codes.

To maximize your property’s efficiency, it’s best to have all three systems, even better if all from Cloudbeds. Having all three Cloudbeds systems will give you an automated digital operations that will prevent confusion, help save time, and give you more money!

Now, having the system is easier said than done. Introducing a new system to your operations will, no doubt, face some difficulties along the way. That is not enough reason for you to neglect the idea of a more efficient operations. There is a team that helps independent properties who face the same problem. Quayne Hospitality assists properties through services that include setting up and implementing the software to your property. To make sure you maximize this smart investment, we will train your people regarding the proper usage and execution of the software. With implementing and training, we can give your property the kickstart it needs towards your journey to success.

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