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Let Travelers Know You Exist

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Are you a newbie hotelier and you don’t know where to start?

Wondering how you can attract guests in the easiest way possible?

Let’s go back to the basics, shall we?

The most basic and probably the easiest way to start getting attention is through building your property’s online identity. Online Identity is essential to let potential guests know that your property exists.

The most essential key in building a strong online identity is to make sure it is aligned to your brand. It is easier to create content when the big picture is clear. Note that how you present yourself in the online sphere reflects the entirety of the brand.

There are lots of channels and online travel agencies you can choose from to represent your brand. The best practice is to start with the most famous 3: Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Google is the most visited website in the world. Exposure through this channel has helped millions of business in different industries grow.

Source: Google

To join this platform, you must create a Google MyBusiness account that will enable you to create a google listing. Google listing is what the users see upon searching for your property. Once you have created your listing, you will now be found on Google Maps which is used by 154 million people. (Read: Most Popular Mapping App)


Did you know that 80% of Internet Users are on Facebook. To be exact, as of January 2019, there are about 75 million Filipinos on Facebook. It is the most utilized social media channel and almost everyone in the world has access to it.

Before, the idea of advertising a brand is focused on various media: television, radio, billboards, newspapers, and magazines. However, since consumption of digital media consistently increases, the amount of time spent in traditional media begins to shrink and marketers nowadays see that. That is exactly the reason why businesses transfer most of their marketing efforts into the digital media.

In your time spent on Facebook, can you estimate the number of Ads or promotions you scroll onto? Even as you watch videos within the application, halfway through it, advertisements appear. Everywhere you go and look on Facebook, there has got to be a brand trying to bring awareness or making you purchase.

This is also a great opportunity to make users aware of who you are or what your brand is. Now that we understand where the people spend their time and where they usually are, you can make use of it through creating Facebook content that builds and strengthens your online presence. Well, yes, there is always competition, but it’s a matter of making well-strategized content and taking into consideration the quality of the photos you post, the right words to use, and the people to target.

Flow where the current is and make use of Facebook Advertising to make people know your brand exists.


Next to Facebook, Instagram is the second widely-used social media channel these days, as of 2019, Instagram has around 9 million active users.

The engagement of content posted on Instagram is 23% more than their Facebook counterparts. In here, people are more active and responsive. According to Adespresso by Hootsuite, 70% of users are on Instagram to check on brands and more than 200 million users visit Instagrams business profiles at least once per day.

People know that Instagram is the channel to use when searching for the things they need and with more credibility. It even has around 4.5% engagement rate which is the highest compared to all other channels.

However, the battle on Instagram is the way you present your brand. Ever heard of #FeedGoals?

Compared to Facebook, strategizing content for Instagram is more focused on the aesthetic and using the right hashtags. You can’t just post what you want without considering the right filter used, the framing, and the best keywords to get your desired engagement.

Instagram’s algorithm goes this way, the more engagement your post has, the more likely it’ll appear on top of your followers’ feed. Show off your brand on Instagram the way it should be by knowing the Basics of Instagram Advertising.

Keep in mind that creating your brand’s online identity using these channels is more than signing up and having accounts for all three. These 3 should also be aligned with your brand and project a unified message despite the difference in the content treatment and tone.


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